The Emperor’s New Clothes Meets Absurdist Agitprop

I have every expectation that my words will be twisted and misinterpreted. However, I cannot remain silent. The two topics which compel me to speak are the acceptance and repetition of a false narrative and, as a result of that narrative, the terrible way a number of colleagues have been treated. First, the narrative of the event which triggered all of this (the selection of… a regional lead in Congregational Life) is simply false. The commonly accepted story is that an eminently qualified Latina was not hired for a position because she was passed over for a white male. The narrative is that she was not hired because she is a Latina. Let me be as clear as I can be: this is simply false.

The Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association on Wednesday, June 21, appointed the members of the newly created Commission on Institutional Change, whose focus will be an examination of the impact of white supremacy on Unitarian Universalism. The commission has been created in response to the hiring practices controversy at the UUA.

In what ways have you or your group or community been hurt by current racist and culturally biased attitudes and practices within Unitarian Universalism?

operates within a domain of knowledge, philosophy, that operates with a different logic than social science.



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